Why use Cubex?

Cubex is a PHP framework focused on making the development process simple for any size project you work on. If you are building a small brochure site or a highly distributed service, Cubex is built to simplify everything.


Cubex is focused on optimising the speed of every request to ensure your code operates as fast as possible.

Many features have been made integrated into the core to focus on reducing your servers load, from caching every static resource through a cache server, and on the clients machine, to caching specific parts of your pages with ESIs.

CLI Tools

With our advanced set of CLI tools and helpers, you can quickly build up a set of development tools.

Data Mappers

Data Mappers within Cubex make up the foundations for many data handling objects, from form to database objects. This common interface allows you to easily switch between various object types without having to re-learn the api.

View Models

We believe that your views should be structured, and you shouldn't be building your views on variables that may or may not exist. Because of this, ViewModels allow you to extract any view logic away from your template, and your controller, to bring a lot more structure to your frontend development.